New Release

I’m happy to announce the release of my new novel, COOPER.



About Tell Cotten

A writer of western fiction
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8 Responses to New Release

  1. Mike Converse says:

    Has anyone said the cover is unrealistic? The bullet shell issue?

    Thanks, Mike (sent via wireless device)

  2. qheventer1 says:

    Tell, once again you’ve written an authentic cowboy story with terrific dialogue and that wonderful subtle sense of cowboy humor. Good job!

  3. qheventer1 says:

    Thanks for sending this! I posted it on my twitter, my farm FB pages & my author FB pages! I really like this book! 

    FJ ***************  

  4. Tell Cotten says:

    Thanks FJ! I appreciate you spreading the word around!

  5. jackstr952 says:

    Congratulations, Tell! Keep those fingers moving!

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